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Introduction to the project.

The Challenge

Stonehouse is a neighbourhood that vies with Devonport for the unenviable title of Plymouth’s most deprived location falling within the most deprived 1% nationally (LSOA E01015155- ranked 163rd overall in UK in IMD 2019, and 34th for Health Deprivation and Disability Score). 43% of families in the area are on a low income and depend on benefits, and nearly a quarter of adults are depressed or mentally ill, with over 14% suffer from violence in their family. Geographically, Stonehouse is located in the very centre of the city, and is a 10 minute walk from the University of Plymouth. Yet, currently there is little engagement between the University population and Stonehouse community.

Our Focus

This project is focused on health challenges as evidenced by Plymouth City Council and NHS which show that health inequalities are central to broader challenges of deprivation.

The Aim

The pop-up Centre for Health Technology (CHT) Stonehouse will be a community-based outpost in Stonehouse of the CHT. The University will work with Nudge to explore
how we can co-produce and build capacity in appropriate health technologies with residents in Stonehouse.

We will add value by working together to build collaborative capacity in Stonehouse to make better use of health technologies, addressing digital and health divides to influence and contribute to future health technology research.

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